Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Why your site is not Making any Money?

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The greater part of the bloggers on the internet does blogging to make some money and support their families. I read on a few forums people requesting help on the best way to build earning and why their blog is not earn money. So I thought to provide for a few tips to my fellows bloggers. I will talk about in detail why your blog is not earned and what remedies if you take to increase the income.

Some reasons you can consider when your blog is not earn good money. You can compose these some reasons in a notepad file or some place in a note copy and so remember that you need to work with these points and increase your income with your blog.

  • More Earning needs more traffic.

Blog traffic is explained as the visitors received by blog. So the first thing you may be lacking with regards to is that your blog has not great number of visitors and that is the reason you are not making money. So, if your blog is having low traffic, you should to increase your traffic because this is the first and main reason that you are not earning from your blog.

  • Low Cost per Click

If your blog traffic is great and you are having an amazing CTR, and you are still scratching your head why you are not earn money. At that point, I visitor your blog has a very low cost per click. That is you are earning low for each ad clicked.

  • How to increase blog earning

We have examined the probable reasons why a blog does not earn money. Anyhow it won't be alright if we stop here. Since we have recently discovered the problems and without searching for solutions we won't succeed. So now I will provide for you a few tips how you earn money from blog.

  • Use minimum ads

Large number of beginner's are interested to earn quickly and reason once they get Google adsense approval they straight away place ads all around, and they think they will earn more by doing this.

Yet No! The CPC (cost per click) also relies on upon the number of ads showing up on the blog. If you put two ads on home page you will witness different CPC compare to five or six ads on home page. The ads showing up over the folds carry the highest CPC. So never put such a large number of ads on you blog as it will affect your income.

  • Ad placement matters

Ade placement is the positions/places where you put your ads. It likewise affects your income. Always use ads as a part of prominent places with the catches visitor’s eyes. Furthermore at whatever possible reasonable place text ads near to your content and picture ads in header and sidebars.

  • Use keywords which pay more

If you have used Google adwords keyword planner tool. You would have positively noticed that when you look a keyword there is a little column of normal CPC. The normal CPC is the most maximum amount of money a advertiser is eager to pay for a keyword. So use those keywords which have higher search volume, low competition and high CPC


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