Monday, 13 November 2017

How to get Media.net Approval Fast

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Media.Net is the second biggest advertising network after google adsense. Many bloggers got rejected from google adsense. If your adsense account disabled and unable to use adsense again, Then media.net is the best choice So here am back with How To Get Media.Net Approval guide. In this time all of these bloggers navigate to media.net for replace the ads with adsense alternative. Actually media.net is the contextual ads network which providing high paying ads similar to google adsense. In some times you can get better cpc and rpm than google adsense.

Media.net pays for page impressions and visits. So that you can get more earnings than adsense when you getting low clicks on ads. Here in this post am sharing requirements to get media.net approval easily. Unlike other ad networks like adsense, Media.net approval is slightly hard. But after getting approval, you never have to feel anything about account banning issues. Because media.net never ban anyone’s account from publisher program.

Follow the below guides and apply for media.net publisher account. Then definitely you will get approval within 1 day. Media.Net Powered by yahoo bing network, So you can get high paying ads which similar to adsense ads. No account banning issues and disable issues. Bloggers can get approval easily in media.net with quality content and organic traffic.

  • How To Get Media.Net Approval Easily 2017 :

Use Top Level Domain : Purchase top level domains like .com .net .org and spply for media.net with this domain. Because media.net doesn’t approves your blog with second level domain.

Write Quality Content : Content is the king for increase your blog traffic and ad revenue. Post high quality article and optimize them with keywords.

Add Required Pages : Add about us, contact us, privacy policy pages in your blog to get information about what your blog is about.

Domain Age Requirement : Your domain name must be 4 months older. New blogs with new domains not qualified for approval in media.net publisher program.

Traffic Requirements : Blogs with minimum 1000 daily visitors from us and uk have higher chance to get approval. So increase usa traffic to your blog and apply media.net.

Alexa Rank : Get better alexa rank below 4,00,000 and increase search engine traffic. The alexa rank is the main requirement in media.net

Finally Apply for media.net approval and wait 1 day, you will get approval easily and start making money. Media.net pays similar to adsense. You can get high paying ads and rpm from media.net for increase your blog earnings. Simply make your alexa rank less than 4 lacks and add apply for publisher account. Definitely you will get approval in 1 day.


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