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Google DoubleClick Vs Google Display Network

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A common dilemma that a Display advertiser faces in advertising with Google is to choose between the Google Double click Ad exchange and Google Display Network. The answer to this dilemma depends upon the client’s business requirements. If you are an online advertiser looking for better reach, targeting and better returns on your investment from your display ads, this article will help you get to know the two important evolutions of Display marketing.

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX)

Google Ad exchange was the result of Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick in the year 2007 providing an alternate method to access the Display inventory.

Ad exchange is a real time bidding system connecting publishers to online advertising agencies, networks and third party technology providers in a programmatic way. Through Ad exchange you can bid on each impression on your website from hundreds of advertising networks. This enables the publishers to get the best possible price on every ad impression.

Ad Exchange has increased competition, higher bids and revenue. At present, It has the highest fill rate in the online advertising sector.

Google Display Network

GDN is essentially Google’s SEM (Search engine marketing) version for Display. Google repurposed its Adsense network from its original text based advertising to a Display advertising environment to give advertisers easy and direct access. Small to medium enterprises have reaped the benefits of GDN with its in-house management abilities with less access to experts and sophisticated tools.

GDN allows users to manage inventory in the same way they manage content campaigns on SEM with additional options for ad formats.  Bidding can be done using CPC, CPA in addition to the conventional CPM bidding.

Comparing DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Display Network


GDn includes an inventory of all Google AdSense advertisers
AdX includes all Goggle AdSense advertisers and additional resources from other online advertising networks.

GDN bids are made to appear on your websites
A real time bidding creating a better CPM for each visitor.
Number of advertisements

GDn allows for 3 advertisements per page
5 advertisements per page and 3 more Google AdSense  advertisements are allowed for AdX

For GDN ads, the web page is expected to have significant text content
AdX ads may be placed on webpages with little text content and other multimedia contents like images.

GDN allows you to set CPM by bidding up prices
In AdX, CPM price is set to a floor value and advertisers who exceed that floor value are only accepted.
Some suggestions on which display advertising would be better for a particular purpose are listed down below.

Reach – AdX
Ad exchange has the maximum reach with its high number of inventory resources.

Branding – AdX
AdX gives you better brand safety filters and private exchanges and promises future capabilities in mobile and video.

Direct Response- GDN
GDN has a clear categorization of audience and good working algorithms that give you better response facilities.

Which one to choose?

While many advertisers are confused as to which mode they should use for Display, the answer could be a combination of both. Your chosen approach will actually depend upon sophistication, scale and level of control. For beginners, GDN could offer a simple method allowing you to input keywords based on which your ads are matched. But if you are an advertiser wanting a maximum reach with display marketing AdX serves the best for you.


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