Friday, 3 November 2017

Custom Pop Under For Your Site or Blog

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How To Make Ads Pop Under Your Own Blog?

 It is very easy, there is not even one minute, then the ad can be directly installed on your favorite blog. But the problem is not easy or not, but rather whether the existence of these ads are favored by visitors or not? Well, it is important to note when you have no intention to advertise this model in your blog.

As we all know that pop under ads are ads that appear in a new window on the browser, which is where these ads appear automatically, alias unwanted visitors. These ads usually appear when there is an interaction of visitors, ie clicking on links contained in our blog.

  • 1. Log in to Blogger.
  • 2. Select Layout >> Add Gadget >> HTML / JavaScript.
  • 3. Paste the code below into >> HTML / JavaScript.

<script  type="text/javascript">  function addEvent(obj, eventName, func){       if (obj.attachEvent)      {      obj.attachEvent("on" + eventName,  func);      }      else if(obj.addEventListener)      {       obj.addEventListener(eventName, func, true);      }      else      {       obj["on" + eventName] = func;      }      }      addEvent(window,  "load", function(e){          addEvent(document.body, "click",  function(e)          {             if(document.cookie.indexOf("bkc=lyk")  == -1)             {          params = 'width=' + screen.width;           params += ', height=' + screen.height;                  params += ',  top=1000, left=1200px ,scrollbars=yes';                  params += ',  fullscreen=yes,width=1000,height=800';                  var w = window.open("http://hackerprime.com", 'window', params).blur();                   document.cookie = "bkc=lykshoptinhoc";                  window.focus();              }          });      });  </script>

Please change the URL of the red with url address of the blog you want.

Pop under ads will only appear twice, namely when we visit our blog, and then we clicked on a link on our blog. Click the link to the third and so on, pop under ads will no longer appear.


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