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Best Adsense Ad Size For More Earnings

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Many bloggers using google adsense for boost their website revenue. But adsense requires enough contents and well ad placements for serving high paying ads. In My Ads section, you can create your ad unit for place ads on your size. But you must choose the right ad size and placement for get more clicks. Here in this post am sharing well performing Most Popular Google Display Ad Sizes for increase your ad ctr and earnings. This is simply first optimization tip for your blog to increase your google adsense revenue.

For publishers Google adsense providing various types of ad sizes for make your site look better with ads. But some ads are not cover your visitors and your earnings may lower than others. Many beginners doing this same mistake on ad placement. Basically adsense requires the well ad placement for serve you high cpc ads. So that you have to know about the best google display ad sizes for getting high paying ads on your blogs.

Display ads and the links ads are the two main ad units in adsense which makes your site better responsive. Follow below methods and choose your ad sizes and location for make your earnings better. Here am sharing the high paying ads and the location. Follow below methods on your blogs and websites for more adsense earnings.

Most Popular Google Display Ad Sizes :

The below ad sizes are gives good ctr in any niche. You can use the below ads on your template for boost your adsense ctr.

  • 468 x 60
  • 300 x 250
  • 336 x 280
  • 300 x 600
  • 970 x 90

These all ads are banner related ads. Currently google removes the ad limits per page, So that you can place the ads without violating adsense terms. Place ads on your post inline, below title, sidebar and the header for more performance. Follow the below screenshot for place your ads on posts.

Google Ads Placement

Add 336 x 280 rectangular ad in your post content. This will perform well and visitors will click your ads easily. Make your ads visible for visitors and improve your post quality, Avoid too much of ads in a post section. Simply use less than 3 banner ads in the content and 720 x 90 ads on above and below the content for make your blog post looking better.

300 x 600 banner ad is the suitable ad size for sidebar. many bloggers using this ad unit on sidebar and getting better ctr. This will get more impressions and cost per clicks too. So your cpc rate will be increases by using 300 x 600 banner ads on sidebar. Also try floating ads widget on sidebar for better ad visibility.

Adsense Placement Good Ctr

I hope this post will helps you make your ads better visible and get more ctr. These tips are follows by many top adsense earners for increase the revenue. So follow all steps and enjoy more earnings in google adsense.


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