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5+ Social Media Marketing Sites

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Internet has become a great necessity for everyone. With the use of this global network, anyone can access any sort of information regarding any topic. The data can be accessed by visiting the thousands of website available on the internet. Each website concerns a different topic, and are categorized under news websites, real estate websites, blogs and social media websites.

Social Media Websites

Social Media websites are essentially a communication platform for many. With the use of this, one can interact with several people at the same time, share content with them, know about their life moments and much more. It brings people together; however, there is another usage to these websites. With the new small businesses emerging on the internet, it is essential for them to make a presence on these social media platforms. These platforms act as a great advertiser for the company at no cost. As more and more people check out your social media account or page, they got more interested in the product or service you are offering. This way, you can get more customers by just updating your page or profile on the social media website.


To get more people to your page or profile, you must make a good strategy first in order to fully utilize the potential of social media platform. There are a number of tools which can help you better use this social media marketing strategies, out of which 9 can be found below.

  • Buffer

Buffer is one of the most used social media marketing tool. It simplifies the process of updating your social media profile. Anyone who has ever been in social media marketing cannot simply deny the greatness of this tool. All you need to do in this tool is to schedule your post, which will then be posted on the respective social media website that you selected.


Another great tool, which can help you on a long run. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It essentially means that if ‘this’ happens, ‘that’ happens too. The tool may be a bit difficult to learn at first, but if you get a hang of it, it becomes rather easy to use.

  • Kingsumo Headlines

This plugin lets you to perform A/B Test, also known as Split test, headlines against each other. You can get the best performing headline using this tool.

  • Canva

Visual appeal is rather important on social media websites. But not everyone has the required money to hire a designer to create custom images or logos. In this case, Canvacan be used to create images from pre-made templates.

  • Edgar

This tool can be used to repost your updates a second time, so it reaches more audience, who missed it the first time.

  • Post Planner

Post Planner is directly integrated into Facebook. It is designed to schedule posts on Facebook. Limitation of this tool is that it is only limited to Facebook.

  • Bundlepost

The tool has the feature to schedule posts for all the major social media websites. It also includes many other useful features for different websites.

  • Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an effective tool to know what is the most popular content right now. Moreover, a person can also know what’s benefiting their competitors the most.

  • Feedly

Feedly provides the top updates regarding a particular subjects in the form of RSS feeds. It is great to know the latest news.


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