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5 Mistakes in Ecommerce Site Failure

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E-commerce web hosting delivers online retailers with the websites that are dedicated to market their products and services. Every site cannot be successful like another. Many of them go to the top PPC (Pay per Click) websites to get traffic to their sites. A lot can be achieved by avoiding them. Here are the 5 e-commerce web hosting mistakes to avoid.

  • Mistake # 1: Neglecting CTAs

Every bit of advertising, including AdWords should give a Call To Action. CTAs become more crucial in smaller mediums. When there is a tough competition between you and your competitor and you want the audience to choose your link through organic search results, you should at least demand for sale. An advertisement without CTA is like a salesperson that never closes and the career of each will be short in the same way.

  • Mistake # 2: Poor Landing Pages

When a comparison is made between other forms of digital marketing, paid ads seem to give good results at a very fast rate. You can dedicate years together in time to the SEO of your site failing to bring your site in the first page of the search results. This time, the Pay Per Click Ads may help you out in bringing your site to the first page of the search results, but they help you only half the way; until it lands on to the page given by you. Hence, extra care should be taken to check and test the landing page of every ad of yours.

  • Mistake # 3: Abysmal Usability

Many e-commerce websites face failure because of the issues related to usability. When visitors enter the site for buying the products, there is no necessity to ease them in. The visitors should get some overview at least of the products you are selling on your site within few seconds of their visit. All the products should be within two or three clicks from the site’s home page. The shopping cart and buy now buttons should be placed everywhere.

  • Mistake # 4: Mundane Marketing                    

A beautiful design for your site, perfect services to the customers and high quality products can all help in building your marketing site, but it is not sufficient enough. Traffic has to be driven to your site. The web hosting provider of ecommerce sites will use several potential methods such as paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization and direct marketing. With all this it is highly essential to keep updated with the latest trend and change the site accordingly.

  • Mistake # 5: Maintaining a distance with customers

Based on the product line of your business, customer driven business has to be repeated. The feedback of the customers on how they feel about your site, the ease of purchasing on your site should be taken. If you feel that the customers are finding it hard to transact using your site, make sure that you make the site much simpler and user friendly. Feedbacks and customer ratings can help in engaging loyal consumers. Make sure that the customers come back to you for the reasons you give. Provide perfect services to the customers and they will drive the traffic to your site.


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