Saturday, 14 October 2017

Which cryptocurrency is most profitable to GPU mine as of today?

HashFlare HashFlare

There are a few parameters you must take into consideration here:

  • The difficulty of the coin you want to mine;
  • The market value of the coin;
  • the pool where you mine the coin at and the reward system of the pool;
  • your hardware;
  • your power costs;
  • the miner you use to mine;
  • the drivers of your GPU(s);
  • The amount of money you spent on your GPU(s)
  • These items will determine wether mining is profitable for you or not. There are a few things you cannot control like the difficulty, market value and your power costs.

Do a lot of research about the other items, especially about your GPU’s. It starts with the question wether you choose a GPU from NVIDIA or AMD, as some coins are better mined with NVIDIA GPU’s whilst others are preferably mined with AMD GPU’s.

Paying too much for your GPU(s) will make it hard for you to get a ROI, which makes it harder to get profitable in time.

You should also note that it’s not always a smart move to look at which coin is profitable now. Try to look into the future to determine which coin might have a better value in let’s say 6 months from now. If you start mining a coin which will have doubled its value is better than mining a coin which has high value now, due to the high difficulty.

In other words: mine a coin that no one wants to mine due to low market value, but which will rise in the future.

Now: to answer your question:

In my case: the best coin to mine would be (according to Crypto coins mining profit calculator compared to Ethereum ) Musicoin, however I am mining LBRY at the moment. However: Whattomine is only an estimation. You will most probably earn LESS than those numbers on that website.

The thing is: Whattomine doesn’t take 2 things into consideration:

the reward system of the pool;
the pool luck
Therefore, if you really want to know what coin is the post profitable: try some different mining experiments by yourself by mining at different pools and different coins. Check your earnings per 24 hours and let it run for a few days. It will give you the real numbers instead of those on Whattomine and other websites…


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