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Should you Invest in Bitcoin Today. 1000$ Now after 1 Year $100,000

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Why Smart Investors are including Bitcoin in their portfolios in 2017

Completely decentralized and free from central bank manipulation and government policies
More and more people and businesses are using Bitcoin
Just like gold, Bitcoin's value does not correlate with fiat currency and tends to move opposite to stocks & bonds
In comparison to gold, bitcoin could be significantly undervalued at the moment
The supply is limited. Only 21 million bitcoin can ever be mined, once the last bitcoin is mined the value will rise substantially which by the looks of it is just a couple years away from happening.

Some of the most intelligent and successful investors are expecting Bitcoin to be valued 10K by the end of 2017. Personally I believe it will reach 7k max by the end of 2017 unless Bitcoin breaks its previous trends due to the sudden high demand from Japan and Singapore. There are some other key factors that could play a role in this type of a spike in value but more less I think it’s safe to say that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the near and far future given the high level of support it has from so many countries. Right now there are an estimated 16 million Bitcoin wallets (online wallets) along with 1.5 million Ethereum wallets (online too of course) that are owned by individuals, those are some pretty impressive numbers being that Bitcoin really just started getting big roughly 11 months ago. Looking at the cold hard facts about this coin and to see it thrive straight through the recent fork as if it never occurred and how it has continued to over come so many huge humps and obstacles I think it’s safe to say it is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is without a doubt a smart thing to get involved in and it will continue its journey towards being accepted worldwide as a currency.

**How to Get Started in Bitcoin and Where to Invest to Earn More Bitcoin**

When I first got started in Bitcoin I only knew of Coinbase simply because it’s the easiest way to buy bitcoin and sell it/exchange it into US dollar / fiat currency. You can easily download this app on your phone or you can just visit Buy/Sell Digital Currency - Coinbase from there you can create an account in just a few minutes and link your card or bank account and purchasing bitcoin is then just 1 click away.

Once you are a holder of Bitcoin you’re already in my opinion on the right path financially. Once you own bitcoin you can actually invest your bitcoin into an automated trading software program that will trade and mine for you and pay you out a daily return until you have received a 40% profit back payed to you in bitcoin daily.

Where To Invest

Roughly 2 months ago my friend that introduced me to Bitcoin just one year ago brought up a website called Home - USI-TECH he had told me that he had earned a substantial amount of bitcoin simply by buying into their “Trading & Mining Software” and by reinvesting his earnings back into the program which results in generating “Compounding Interest”. I signed up on the website and he had me click on the “rebuy calculator” which shows you your potential income if you continually reinvest your earnings as if it does not exist. After doing the calculations on their “rebuy calculator” it showed me that if I invest $1,160 and never take a dime out and reinvest all of my earnings for the next 2 years I will have accumulated 900 Bitcoin and at the current exchange rate they are today at $4,000 that would mean I will have earned $3,600,600.00 worth of Bitcoin, yes that says Millions. Who’s to say these coins won’t go way up in value by that time which I'm a very firm believer they will, at that rate you could pull out with millions much quicker. Now of course you do not have to go for that time length that’s just personally what I would like to do being that the payouts at that time length are hard to pass up. Bitcoin has already made so many millionaires, it will continue to do so and if you play your cards right it could make you a millionaire as well in a MUCH shorter time period then you might think.

What I found interesting about Home - USI-TECHis that you do not have to invest a large amount at all to get started you can invest as little as $58 and start earning your daily return on that immediately. They quote on their website that the ROI (return on investment) is 40% and your investment earns for you for an average of a 140 day term. So say you invested $100 into the program that would mean you would get back $140 by the end of your 140 day term so you will have made a total profit of $40. Now mind you this is WITHOUT reinvesting. Now if you were to take that same $100 and reinvest your earnings back into the software and allow it to compound by the end of that 140 day term you will have made a profit of $200 and by the end of a 280 day term you will have made $856 and by the end of a 420 day term that same $100 will have become $3,562, how much will it have become in a 1yr 6 month term?? That same $100 has now become worth $12,819.00. This system allows you to utilize the power of compounding interest right at your fingertips.

Below is a video providing validity of this company being approved by both the SEC & FTC. This company truly does seem to be a game changer, they have already made 12 millionaires in just 5 months of having their BTC package side of the company in action.

Below is an interview with the cofounder of the company and now the master distributor Mike Kiefer.

Below I have attached their domain link so you can see their domian information for yourself providing even more validity to this company.

Whois usi-tech.info

As you can see this company is very transparent, their information is everywhere you look.

I had an issue the other day with a bitcoin transfer of $690 that did not go through for 2 days and I emailed their support. This was on August 1st when the fork occurred. They responded back to me in less then 24 hours with an answer to the problem and my missing bitcoin was returned to me which made me even more confident with being a part of this simply because anytime you have that kind of money floating around it’s a bit nerve racking and knowing they havea solid support team is very re assuring.


Surprisingly it seems that this website has been designed for hands off beginner use. I myself am not a genius with computers but the system they have put in place really is self explanatory outside of your basic bitcoin transfers needed to purchase the packages.

How much have I personally invested?

So far I put in enough money for 25 bitcoin packages (appr. $1500) to see if it was worth posting about or not and yes it payed me the following day and every day to follow and yes everything seems to be working exactly as both my friend and the website said it would. I’m happy to say that I just purchased another $500 in Bitcoin to invest into more packages and am looking forward to the future outcome. Personally I see this as an insane opportunity to grow your bitcoin and potentially be on your way to financial freedom. My advice is do some research yourself on this platform and see if it’s something you might want to get involved in. A lot of people questioned me about this wanting proof of payment so below I have provided a video and notice the time and date is clearly visible on the screen and you will see the payment go through. You receive payments Monday-Friday not weekends just so you guys are aware.

This link will direct you to their domain and you can register from here Home - USI-TECH from here you can read up on who they are and what they do for yourself. I hope this information is useful and if you decide to join then congratulations on potentially being on your way to financial freedom.


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