Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Scale Lab YouTube Network (MCN) Review 2017

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Scale Lab YouTube Network (MCN) Review

In this article I will tell you about YouTube Networks (MCN) and all the PERKS, What revenue shares they have, what is their payment option, contract length and other very important details you need to know before you partner yourself into one.

Some of the information might get outdated at some stage, since networks change their contracts or revenue shares based on different channels. 

This MCN do provide more benefits to you as a YOUTUBER and along with that some actually Pays you more than what YouTube Estimates Shows you.

Scale Lab Got it's Trend because of this Youtuber's Jake Paul, TEAM 10, Disney Planet

In the Beginning before Jake Paul was even a Youtuber I thought To choose Scale Lab, but at that time the revenue share was 60- 40 this made me reject the site But now all the Policies are changed 

ScaleLab is US based YouTube network that has over 90,000 channels in their network. Scalelab can offer multiple different apps for free and good different payment methods for various channels around the world. Also their dashboard is translated to multiple languages like Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and so on (Below is a special recruiter contract that is better than the one offered on their main website, which gives 80% revenue share and no-lock in contract).
  • Revenue Share: 80-99%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Check, Dwolla, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex Money and US Bank Transfer
  • Requirements: 500 subscribers and 10,000 total views
  • Contract Length:  No lock-in
  • Channel Types:  All types
  • Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Video Claimer, Outromaker, Spreadshirt & VidIQ Pro
  • Partner Now: scalelab APPLY HERE



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