Tuesday, 31 October 2017

No Copy Paste Content Theft For Blogger

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How to Make the Anti Copy Paste Except certain parts of Blogger. Have your Blog Copas by others? if ever what you feel? surely you would be annoyed and angry, we are tired - tired of writing by hand until kinky, eh not him someone else is reading your blog copy and paste the link source without.

One way to minimize the blog post so as not to copy and paste is to install script or css anti Copas blog you, but this is not suitable for you, if your blog about the tutorial, because the blog tutorial there are some code like css, html, javacript and others - others who must be able to copy and paste someone else. Oh yes anti copy and paste this script does not use javascript but using css, so it does not affect the loading of your blog.

How to Make the Anti Copy Paste Except certain parts of Blogger.

  1. Log in to blogger account.
  2. Log into the template editor (Edit HTML).
  3. Then put the anti Copy css code below the above code ]]></b:skin>.

.post-outer {

Then so that later we can make certain parts can copy and paste, then we have to add the code below in the section & blockquote, pre and code.

The trick pairs css below the above code ]]></b:skin>.

.post blockquote,.post pre,.post code{

The last step Save the template and see the results.

Now you can make your blog is safe from the copaser. If certain parts of your blog can copy and paste, then you've succeeded in implementing trick Easy Ways to Make Blog Not Be in Copas Unless Specified Part.

Hope it is useful

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