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How To Start your own ad Netwok

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So, it sounds like your requirements are an ad server and a way to both bill clients and pay your publishers. The chances of you finding a solution that does things *exactly* your way are slim; however, there's a few tools you can use together to get the job done fairly efficiently.

I have experience doing exactly this in a few different capacities:
Building BuySellAds from scratch, which fully automates self-serve direct sales for advertisers and publishers (what the fancy folks nowadays call "programmatic direct" or "programmatic premium").
Building niche ad networks like AdPacks from scratch and acquiring other niche ad networks that have been built on custom technology and off-the-shelf technology:

  • - custom tech
  • Carbon Ads - built on Adzerk's ad server
  • The Syndicate - custom tech

3.  Building software that integrates with Google's Ad Exchange and the Google AdSense Host API.

I also have a working knowledge of ad servers like Zedo, Double Click for Publishers (DFP), and OpenX (open-source version, not Enterprise), and from building an ad serving product with integrated invoicing and billing to solve a similar problem you're trying to solve: BuySellAds Pro.

So, first things first, you should understand that the only thing that actually matters here is your ability to deliver effective campaigns to advertisers and your ability to put more money in the pockets of your publishers. Since you're asking this question on Quora, chances are you're not Brian O'Kelley and looking to building a 1 billion dollar+ advertising technology company.

Stuff you will need:
You need to chose an ad server. Based on my experience, I'd be looking at one of the following:

  • Adzerk
  • DoubleClick for Publishers - Small Business
  • BuySellAds Pro (my company)

I'm probably based here, but I honestly don't think you'll need something much more complex than one of those above.
You need an invoicing software that will give you an easy way to invoice your advertisers:

  1. Harvest
  2. FreshBooks
  3. online invoicing software - Google Search

You need Excel or Google Docs to keep a spreadsheet of the campaigns that are running, how much you owe publishers for each campaign, etc. This is actually how we keep track of some of our legacy niche ad networks I listed above. It's archaic, and manual, but migrating them to our Pro product just hasn't been a priority yet.
You need a way to pay your publishers. The quick and easy way to pay folks is via PayPal Mass Payments. The second quickest (and so that you can offer ACH and bank checks) is Bill.com.

Other than that, you just need some hustle and the ability to articulately speak to both advertisers and publishers in such a way that earns their trust to do business with you. There are a lot of dogs and a lot of lies in the ad space, and any publisher worth selling ads for has been burned before (guaranteed). You'll have to earn a good reputation the hard way - by consistently doing what you say you will do and by consistently delivering results to both parties.


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