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That age is gone when people used to mine using GPUs. Now in the world of powerful ASICs , GPU dont even stand a chance. In Bitcoin mining you will get nothing using GPU mining rigs , you need ASIC miners. ASIC miners from BITMAIN will cost you something between 1000$ to 3000$ , they are currently sold out too. You can mine altcoins like Eth , Monero etc etc using GPU Mining rigs which will cost something 1500$+. So the first is buying a hardware,You can refer this list of Mining Hardware along with the payback period. Second you need to setup this hardware. Third , you need the Mining Program installed in your PC . Fourth , You need to joing mining pools and start mining.

Alternately , You can venture into Cloud Mining , they offer huge hashrates and you can buy them. Cloud Mining is hassle free , you don’t need to worry about hardware , you don’t need any technical expertise. All you do is throw money and count your return. But remember one thing , you wont get great profit from Cloud Mining. If you set up your own mining rig of 150 MH/S and start mining Monero , your profit will be much more than your profit if you buy 150 MH/S Monero hashrates in a cloud mining company (That is why many Bitcoin veterans love to call Bitcoin Cloud Mining as scam). Before buying a bitcoin Mining contract please use profitability calculator like Cryptocompare or Coinwarz.

Here's a list of four companies which you can trust , they are having huge customer base and dedicated Mining farms.

Genesis-mining ( Use code mNpFUG for 3% discount) — The most popular and biggest mining company. You can buy hashrates for Bitcoins, Ethereum and Monero mining.They upgraded their Mining farma and They are back with lifetime contracts . 150$ will give you around 1$ daily.

Hashflare.io is very popular and offer the best rates in the industry. You can mine based on Hash algorithms SHA 256, Scrypt , ET-HASH (Ethereum), X-11(DASH) and EquiHASH (ZEC). All the contracts are 1 year contract from September 1 , 2017.

Hashing24 is a trusted website where you can mine bitcoins. They also offer a free demo which you can try if you are unsure about which contract to choose.

NiceHash, the most advanced crypto currency cloud mining, hash rental service and multipool. They offer you to buy or sell hashing power without contracts on pay-as-you-go basis.


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