Thursday, 28 September 2017

Which WordPress plugins to Choose?

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Choosing plugins also plays a crucial role as it may either boost your site or makes your site slow

Which plugins should we choose?

Selecting a plugin is not about quantity; you should focus on quality and importance. A few high-quality plugins are so much better than 30 mediocre plugins.

When choosing a plugin, make sure you answer the following questions:

Do I know the origin of this plugin?

 Plugins can be a source of security attacks on your site. Be sure the author is known before installing it on your site.

Has this plugin been updated in the past 6 months?

Regular updates are very necessary when it comes to WordPress plugins. A plugin that has not been updated for over a year is most likely an abandoned one. You should avoid it.

What’s the plugin all about?

 There should be a description describing the plugin and what it does. You shouldn’t just install it because it is available. You need to know what functionality it adds to your site and/or what problem it takes care of.
How many people trust it and how many downloads does it have?

 One tip that shows you the importance of a plugin is the number of people installing it on their blog. If you find a plugin with just 20 installations, there’s probably a reason that no one else is using it.

What are the reviews about the plugin saying?

Take the time to look at what people who have used it are saying. The more 5-star ratings a plugin enjoys, the more you should trust it.

Here are four plugins you should definitely be using:

WordFence: Improves security and prevents hacking or virus attacks.

Akismet: Helps fight spam.

Yoast SEO: Improves the SEO of your site.

PrettyLinkPro: Masks your affiliate links (if you are into affiliate marketing).


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