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Steam vs G2A

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When we compare steam with G2A most people would go for steam because more than 50 million people around the globe use steam and it has millions of active user everyday on steam

And also Steam has daily and weekend sales as well as publisher sales, though their biggest sales are their winter and summer sales. Steam is known for their deep discounts (discounts on games range from 10% to 95%) on games and has pushed many other stores to do the same seeing Amazon and other storefronts match their pricings when sales go up as well as hold their own seasonal sales.

Pros and Cons for Steam

  • Over 125 million users actively use Steam, with over 15,000 games to choose from.
  • Most games that have a Mac and Linux version available can be found on Steam.
  • Sharing save games between Mac and Windows machine is pretty nice though the game has to be a Steamworks game in order to have this feature.
  • Users can gift games to their friends, which is great for when there are sales as one friend can pick up games for the rest of his friends cheaply. There is often 4 packs of a single game that can be picked up to easily gift to 3 other friends as well.
  • Steam has excellent servers and their download speeds tend to be the best out of any digital store online.
  • There are a variety of games from indie to AAA. There is a curated list and even classic games.
  • If you stop playing a game within the first 2 hours, you can ask for a refund.
  • The community frequently helps solve questions, review games, and make great content via Workshop.
  • Steam Workshop makes it easy to create and/or find mods and extra content for games that support it.
  • Text based chat and VoIP chat are both included with your client. Of course this only works with people on the stream platform.
  • Steam Greenlight is a great way for indie developers to get their games on the market without a big Kickstarter campaign.


  • Many games are not only steam drm protected but by another drm system. It just cries for something to go wrong.
  • Linux support is generally overlooked. It is recommended to disable in-game overlay and to use a real browser to interact with steampowered's website. Basic library access works usually without a hitch.
  • Also do not expect real tech support on Linux. Forum questions of bugs often go unattended and unanswered.
  • AAA titles are very pricey, very often more expensive than at other online stores and sometimes brick & mortar ones.
  • Many older titles (10-15 years or more) are no longer supported and thus require much manual tinkering to run properly on windows 10, requiring digging though forums and trying many things. Compare that to GoG where these titles often run out-of-the-box.

Pros And Cons For G2A

  • The Only Reason why people prefer G2A.com is because you can buy Any games codes at the cheapest price, it doesn't matter which console the game is of. Games can cost less than 10$ on G2A.com
  • As G2A is a user marketplace, keys may be purchased during sales and resold for significantly less than current market value. Because of this, keys tend to be very inexpensive in comparison to Steam, Origin, and Uplay.

  • As G2A is a user-driven market place, not all keys sold may be legitimate. Anyone from anywhere can list a key for sale à la eBay and Amazon. However, like eBay and Amazon, G2A provides the seller's feedback rating and number of sales prior to purchase.
  • Many people have reported issue with the "Shield" subscription service, that seems to auto subscribe users when purchasing keys. It has also been reported that is is pretty difficult to get this subscription turned off, which can be frustrating for those that never wanted it in the first place.

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