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7+ Best Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

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Most of the bloggers get into email marketing game little late but once they are into it; they know how important & beneficial capturing email is. This gives us a chance to directly connect with interested readers & helps us to grow our blog exponentially.

+7 Best Places To Put An Email Subscription Box

  • 1. shout me loud Email Widget

This is one of the most widget as seen in shoutmeloud using custom code + Convertkit to show this email box.  You can use a free plugin called Plugmatter to set one up quickly on your blog.

  • 2  Lightbox Pop-Ups

The lightbox pop-up signup form has been in existence on the internet for a long time. It is also an excellent way to collect email addresses of your readers.

One good thing about a lightbox is that it converts insanely well. This is because the chances of your readers not seeing it are rare.

You can set it to trigger either once a new visitor lands on your homepage, or on a particular page on your site. Some marketers also configure them to display a few minutes after a visitor has been on their site, or when a reader scrolls past certain paragraphs.

  •  3. After a Single Post

If a reader made it through your post, there is every chance that they liked what they read. Now, if you can offer them an attractive signup form immediately after the post, they’ll likely sign up.

This is the form you usually see after a single post on a blog. One way to boost conversion rates is to make the signup form related to the post that the reader just read.


The idea is to welcome your visitors with an irresistible gift in exchange for their email address when they come to your site. The welcome mat is designed to completely cover the screen while compelling your readers with a single call-to-action.

The user either takes the offer or rejects it by clicking the “No Thank You” button (or by clicking the arrow to exit).

  • 5. The Slide-In

This is one of the simplest and less obstructive subscription forms I’ve seen on the internet.

The slide-in triggers when a reader gets to a certain point in your content. It usually “slides in” from the bottom right or left of the blog post.

It’s a good idea to configure a slide-in on your blog today. Allow it to enter after 80% of your page scroll.

  • 6. The Top Sticky Bar

A top sticky bar is an impressive lead capturing form that is placed just before a site’s navigation bar. It’s often set to scroll the page so that it stays within the reader’s sight as they scroll up.

Hello Bar provides top bar opt-in forms. It is very efficient and has already acquired many significant customers. “DIYthemes” is one of their numerous customers which has received 1,180 more email subscribers within 30 days of inserting Hello Bar on their blog.


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