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Windows 10 Best Advantages

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The advantages of Windows 10 compared to previous versions in the claim more personal, natural, and safe to improve user productivity because in the process of making Microsoft pay attention to various user suggestions through the program Windows Insider.

Another advantage of Windows 10 is its ability to adapt to share the needs of its users including support for various technological devices including the internet of things.

Here are some features of the advantages of the latest Windows 10 has.

But even after Microsoft is Released I still use Windows 7

  • 1. Cortana, the personal digital assistant of Windows 10

The personal assistant digital Cortana who has been present and familiar enough in Windows Phone will be available for all devices based on Windows 10. Cortana version of Windows 10 can detect sound with more intelligent, a feature that becomes one of the advantages of this Windows 10 can facilitate user activity To do things just by doing voice commands.

Some things that can be done such as finding the required information, scheduling, providing reminders and even search for documents in the computer with only the voice command that we enter. Not only that, but Cortana also learns the preferences and habits of its users, can be ordered to play music, telling jokes to be a friend to vent like a real assistant.

  • 2. The Return of the Start Button & Live Tiles in Windows 10

By the sharing of suggestions from users of Windows 8.1 who feel the loss of the Start button that has become the hallmark of Windows for decades, another advantage of Windows 10 is the return of the Start Menu Button like Windows 7. The presence of this Start button makes the users more and more windows Familiar with look and activity when using it.
Not only the start button but Live Tiles feature previously existed in Windows 8 is also maintained, with this feature users can instantly see the latest updates from people nearby through Live Tiles without having to bother opening the application.

  • 3. Support Voice, pen, gesture So Excess Windows 10

Standard command input interaction via mouse or touch screen is commonly done on older versions of windows. Another advantage of Windows 10 is its ability to support user interaction more naturally because Windows 10 also supports input interaction using voice, pen and gesture body. These various inputs make Windows 10 more interactive than the previous version.

  • 4. Microsoft Edge Come, Goodbye Internet Explorer

The presence of Windows 10 is a farewell to the classic browser windows Internet Explorer. Because Windows 10 brings the latest browser named Microsoft Edge. The main advantages of Microsoft Edge are its ability to draw, cross out, and give notes on web pages and share them directly with their fellow users.

The combination of Ask Cortana and Edge features also facilitate the search for answers by just highlighting the phrase or word you want to know, then right click, Cortana will give more details about the phrase. By enabling Microsoft Edge reading view, users can be more comfortable reading the web page or saving the page for further reading.

  • 5. Multi-doing and virtual desktop
 Another advantage of Windows 10 is the ability to support multiple desktops, not just one but up to 3 desktops simultaneously in one screen. The Multi Doing feature and virtual desktop allow users of Windows 10 to view documents simultaneously and share their work at once. To move the file to some desktop view, this can also be done just by doing drag and drop command.
  • 6. Latest Windows Store

Another advantage of Windows 10 is the presence of Windows Store. Want to download apps, games, music, and videos? Users simply access the Windows Store and can instantly find all the latest apps, music and videos. The Windows Store is a complete one-stop shopping for free and paid apps, games, movies, TV shows and music, which works on all Windows 10 devices.

All content on the Windows Store has been certified by Microsoft to ensure the security of the device. In addition to existing applications in Windows 8.1, such as Netflix, Windows Store also provides a variety of new Universal Windows applications, such as Twitter, "Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta," as well as various applications of games, business, and news portals.

  • 7. XBOX, Built in and Office Mobile apps

The advantages of Windows 10 that can be enjoyed by the gamers that support to the Xbox. Xbox users can use any Windows 10 device to play and share game results with other gamers. Other advantages of Windows 10 also bring a variety of default applications such as Photos; Maps; Groove, music apps, movies and TV series.

For the process of sharing files in the cloud can also be done easily thanks to integrated with OneDrive. On the same day, Office Mobile Apps, consisting of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for tablets are available in Windows Store for download by Windows 10 users. Office 2016 will reportedly be released separately.

  • 8.Continuum

One of the advantages of Windows 10 is the facility of connectivity between devices through the Continuum feature. Simply connect a smartphone with a laptop or PC that has Windows 10 then the smartphone display will appear on the laptop or PC screen, or vice versa make the smartphone, the tablet has a display like a desktop or a laptop.

In addition to interconnection to fellow Windows 10, compatibility with various devices that have other operating systems can also be done easily using the Microsoft Phone Companion App. Users of iPhones, Android, and Windows Phone can connect and connect with all Windows 10 devices.

  • 9. Windows Hello - Security Biometric Detection

No more need to bother entering a password. Now, for the first time, Windows 10 comes with the features of Windows Hello, a security system that makes users fast, easy and convenient sign-in to the device, by simply scanning the face or fingers. This feature of biometric security detection is an advantage over Windows 10 compared to previous versions of windows.

  • 10. Free Upgrade Windows 10

Excess Windows 10 compared with previous versions that can be enjoyed for free by upgrading previous windows. However, this free upgrade facility can only be enjoyed only for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 original, if users of pirated version of windows, of course, will not be able to upgrade for free. Windows 10 comes with Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Windows Home 10 version can be used by users of Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium, and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. While the Windows version of Pro will be available for free to users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Pro, and users of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

IT is too late now, you cannot free upgrade to windows 10, but as we all know what site we use to download software for free LOL, Comment that site down below


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