Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Why Beam Fiber is the best Internet Service Provider In India.

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ACT fiber or Beam fiber Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd., branded as ACT, is an Indian telecommunications company which basically provides millions of users in India Internet Connection (NOT FOR FREE) You need to pay them $$$ to play.Launched in 2000 with more than 5 Billion total Revenue, But is it actually worth it, in INDIA.

If you compare this Internet connection with other ISP in india you will find better than this ISP for example Hathway, Airtel, BSNL, YOU Broadband, Tikona ( trust me I have used these ALL and non of these ISP satisfies my need and helpline support ).

Beam Fiber is the Only ISP which has 1 GBPS internet Speed in INDIA, with less Price


24/7 Helpline Support ( AWESOME)
Internet Connection with best Speed All the Time
NO disturbances 
Depends on the Plan which You chose

  • If you are a gamer or if you are using it for business then go for plans A-MAX 650 or above
  • If you are a non gamer then go for the plans below A-Max 650

I am a gamer Also in My house their are more than 5 Electronic, But I work a lot, so on average I use 150-250 GB internet Every Month, But this will not be in you case, If you are watching Youtube videos, downloading Movies, Playing Games every day, then you will also have more than 100 GB internet usage every Month

Internet Usage, Used on average 10 GB every day and more than 200 GB every MONTH ( ofcourse having 7 electronic cost you this internet usage)

Before Coming the Beam Fiber I used Vainavi Inernet Service Provider which was also the best internet Connection which was hackable easily, but After Coming to beam fiber, I am currently on A-MAX 1050 with this Incredible speed I do not need to actually hack the service ( It also Not hack able, very secure)

SITE is here- www.actcorp.in
Contacts here-  040 6627 2727



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