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On Average, How Much Big Youtuber Earn? And How They Earn?

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People on Youtube are not Idiot to work for 24 Hours just to make 5 Minute Vlog or Gaming video, Of course their is Advantages and Disadvantages to make these Videos.

Youtuber Was Founded in 2005 and after some years these Monetization was started, which basically means you can earn( monetize) from your Videos

According To Global Comments,
1000 Views= $1
or Some times it all depends on Your CPM, you can also earn 5$ for 500 views, but if someone click your ads then Double

Sometimes Paid for Promotional Videos

It is easy to earn from YouTube, all you need to do is upload and earn, but also in the beginning you need to spend dozen of time to get recognized by the Youtube Community

Taking One Example,
PewDiePie- This Guy Actually makes Millions Every Year, (excluding Everything)
He gets 300 Million views every Month and makes around ( $250K-$500K Per Month)

But also some Youtuber Make Charities so we Judge Youtuber All the TIme


  • You are Risking your Life by Making Youtube Video
  • People Will actually Stalk You
  • You Will Spend Hours daily but still can't find your Channel Growing ( causes Depression )
  • If you Have not Finished University or School and going to put all time on YouTube, This cause you to not get any education Certificates
  • At one Point of time you need to Get a Real Job for yourself
  • Online Is the easy Way, but It all depends on Advertiser, If all the Advertiser Quit's then you will Also Quit

For example
In this Video, you will see that, when you play this video you will see ads in this above the Play Controller, If you see the ads in the sidebar when you play the say video in Youtube.com
So that is the Way Youtuber Get Paid



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