Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How to Earn $1500 a Day From Youtube From Home?

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How People Actually make Money From YouTube? How does it work? I am going to start with explaining Google Adsense with YouTube. You make a google adsense account and link it to your channel (look it up). Just think of yourself as someone being used, but being used in somewhat of a good way. A Google Adsense company can place ads in and around your video, allowing for your viewers to see them. This is basically a paid product placement but with you only getting paid based on the amount of people who actually see/click the ads. There is also a catch, and this is also where you are being "used", because they'll get a cut of your revenue. For the most part, Google gets the majority of the income, but I still think its a privilege. You can do what you love, but with an unsteady income. It is cool that you can make money, but , just a tip, don't do YouTube for the money. You'll begin to expect too much money/views and miss out on the real reason to do YouTube, to professionally build a fan base and to have fun.

Four ways, basically:

1. Ad revenue. When there's an ad on a video watch page, the creator of that video shares the revenue from that ad with YouTube. YouTubers aren't allowed to discuss ad rates, but it's generally acknowledged to be between $1 per 1,000 views, up to a few dollars per 1,000 views. Many YouTubers also make sponsored or branded content, in which they share or discuss a product for a fee. This can be very lucrative, but there's also the risk of clouding your authentic relationship with your audience.

2. Merchandising. Many YouTube creators sell shirts or mugs featuring logos or inside jokes. There are companies designed for niche creators looking to make merch for their audiences (I co-own one, Don't Forget To Be Awesome). For some YouTubers, this can be a bigger source of income than ads (it is for my brother and me), but for most it's a relatively small business.

3. Ancillary products. Many YouTubers are able to use their existing audiences as activation energy for other projects--from tours to music to makeup lines to books. Because many of these projects have better established business models (like, people generally expect to pay for books), this can also be a great business. It's unlikely my novel The Fault in Our Stars would've been so successful without the activation energy provided by the viewers of our videos.

4. Subscription fees. This is an emerging business model, but I think a very promising one. Voluntary subscription platforms like Patreon: Support the creators you love allow viewers to support the creators they love directly. This decreases the influence of advertisers and makes creators directly answerable to their audiences. It does, however, require that a percentage of viewers choose to pay.

I suspect most YouTubers make most of their money from ads, but I think advertising is probably shrinking percentage-wise as a revenue source, which I think is mostly good news. I think advertising is an important part of funding our online experiences, but ultimately I'd argue the Internet is healthiest when serving the needs of its human users rather than the needs of its corporate sponsors.



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