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Digital Game Vs Physical Game Collection. What is the Difference?

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Every Gamer at some point gets this Question whether to buy Games Physically or Digitally.The actual Answer depends on whether you want to play or whether you want to play and also show off your Collection

  • Physical Copy of the Game

If you are going to buy a Game Physically, then trust me after a year or Decade the Game Disc is either going to get Corrupt or will be Lost by You, but still you can use your Physical Copy Disc as a ShowCase. But If you are Playing that Game Regularly in a Month then 100% you Disc is Going to Get Corrupt

The Only Benifits by Buying the Game Disc is SHOWCASE

  • Digital Copy 

If you are Buying  a Digital Copy, The Transaction and Installation takes in Second and if you do not Like the Game, then you can actually Return it, the Game will be in your Library for Eternities (ofcourse it is a Digital Game)
And also No Storage Problem, you can Uninstall the game and it will still be in your Library, And plus you can play that same Game in your Friends House all you need is your Account

AND also Digital Download are Increasing more than Physical Disc Copies, No body got time to go to store to buy games

You can Download Games Digitally in the Middle of the Night and also return it if you DO NOT LIKE IT

( PLEASE DO NOT RECYCLE OR THROW AWAY YOUR PHYSICAL GAME COPY BECause in the FUTURE you will never know what will be the Value of the Disc which you are Having Right NOW)



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  1. I have All digital games in my steam library,bought from g2a. Com

    1. Me too I have GTA 5 and Call of duty , what is ypur steam name


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