Saturday, 12 August 2017

Top 10+ Games Every Gamer Needs To Buy

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If you still did not play these games or Do not know what these Games are then you are still stuck with MINECRAFT, Seriously these are some games which every gamer has played, some of these games are still being played right now

You definitely need to own these games

  • 1. Grand Theft Auto

Seriously if you still do not have this Game or ever Played this Game, Then I don't know which World You are living RIGHT now, this is one of the best selling games and it's been more than 3 Years and people are still playing it Right Now

Buy Here at Just Rs 1200 - Digital Code

  • 2.  Assassin's Creed
This Game is All about Stealth and Technique, some also some Detective skill, this Franchise has more than 5 games in it and all of them are Best Selling Games and till this DATE, People are Actually playing IT 

Buy here at Just Rs 700 - Digital Code

  • 3. Witcher 3

Best Gameplay , Graphic, Design and an Award Winning Game, Best Story also. MUST PLAY

Buy here at Just Rs 500 - Digital Code

  • 4. Crysis 3

Believe it or not, crysis was the first game and still the first to have the Best Graphic and till this date, their is No Graphic card to Play this game at 4k 60+ FPS
Definitely you must have this in your Collection

Buy here at Just Rs 350 - Digital Code

  • 5. Batman Arkham Knight

Self Explanatory, Best Game of the Year, Best Story, Best Graphic!!!!  Must Play Game

Buy here at Just Rs 900 - Digital Code

  • 6. Watch Dogs

Ever Wanted to be an Hacker or wanted to live a Hacker Live, well this Game can make you Dream Come True, with The best Gameplay and Multiplayer Experience. If you are having the best Graphic card buy this Game FIRST
Buy here at Just Rs 1100 - Digital Code

  • 7. Call Of Duty

We all know what Call of Duty Game Series is all about, Shooting Game, but this Game has THE best Multiplayer Experience and also very Addictive, take care of your Health and also your EYE when you buy this Game, Seriously The servers are always fuLL
Buy here at Just Rs 500 - Digital Code

8. BattleField

An alternative to Call of Duty

Buy here at Just Rs 1200 - Digital Code

8. Counter Strike

The Master and Boss of all Video Game, Counter strike,
Released on 2002 and still the best Multiplayer game, and also Rage Quiting Game TOO. Buy this first Cost Also 2 $

Buy here at Just Rs 100 - Digital Code

9. Doom

Doom was the first ever game which was based on Demon Shooting Game, Very HardCore and Violent Game

Buy here at Just Rs 1300 - Digital Code

10. Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is an Online Steam Game, which is made by Player online and played by Player Online , with every day new mod to play and in the beginning it gets very Addictive when you are Playing with your Friends

Buy here at Just Rs 150 - Digital Code

These are all the Games and Game Series which I would Definitely have in my Library of Digital Copies which 


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