Friday, 18 August 2017

5+ Best Torrent Search engines

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The difference betweeen a normal torrenting site and the torrent search engine is that in a torrenting site, you can search torrents shared only on that particular site but a torrent search engine lets you search torrents on various torrenting sites around the web.
If you have your personal favorite torrent site, stick to it. If you have no idea about good torrenting site, then, you can use any of the torrent search engine sites below.

  • torrentz2.eu

torrentz2.eu is a very fast torrent search engine. It is the exact replica of torrentz.eu which was shut down a few months back. It doesn’t have any annoying ads. Results are categorized by type and different torrent sites.
It is also my personal favorite.

  • veoble.com

veoble.com also uses Google CSE. They have a simple UI without any ads. They have a functionality to filter results by different torrent sites or languages.

  •  torrents.me

torrents.me is pretty fast. It also uses Google CSE without any external ads. They provide VPN service also.

  •  xtorx.com

xtorx.com is very fast. It has a minimalistic UI. Their results are often outdated or get redirected to 404 pages. Currently, they don’t show any ads.

  •  torrentz.colorask.com

torrentz.colorask.com uses Google CSE results for a search. It is moderately fast. It has simple UI with some annoying pop-up ads. But, it is a good torrent search engine to try.



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