Monday, 17 July 2017

100+ Certified Products for Smart Home that Works with Alexa which you can Buy Online (VOICE RECOGNITION)

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Every Company has their Own A.I for example Amazon.com has Alexa, Google has Ok Google, Microsoft has Cortana, Apple has Siri, And many more ,these Artificial Intelligence is increasing Day By Day and some Company has taken it to the next Level where the FUTURE is here

We always Dreamed to Control our TV, Computer, Lights, Fan... just like in Iron MAN (Jarvis) Now even you can do this by the help of these Devices(Products)

Basically you can control or Make your House into a Smart House, Home Automation, And control Every thing with either your voice, Smart Phones or Make it to On its own, as per your schedule's (of course these all can cost you at least $150- $300 minimum to  $ infinity maximum

So here are all the Products which are Working with alexa home Automation

Of course in order to make your Home Smart House with your Voice you will need this Products Called Alexa

I Recommend Alexa over Google
but it is Your Choice as per your needs


If you have any of the above product then you are good to go for the next level to make your Home Jarvis

I have added All the products working with Alexa but before that these are the basic thing you need to have

You need to have the Alexa App, Download it From Amazon.com or Play Store, If not Available in your Country then Download online and then install it



after installing it you need to setup your alexa and you are done, in the beginning alexa will be stupid as she or he is actually learning you then after a month she or he will be ready for becoming A Perfect AI, In order to setup other devices with alexa Read the Manuals

Okay Lets Start with all the Products for Smart Home , Working with Alexa
These are all the products from small to BIG, some are priceyy $$

I am not going to explain what each product does because all are self explanatory, of course all are going to be working with just your voice.

Philips Hue All PRODUCTS

HERE IS THE LINKhttp://amzn.to/2uBouas

More Coming SOON



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