Thursday, 8 June 2017

Why I do Not Like Social Media ? You need to avoid Too!!

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I do not know why people Like social media, It is just a waste of time and You may not realize this but if you are using social media this indirectly means that you are helping the Company, and they are earning Billions.
You are wasting each second of your life on social media and those each second which you are wasting, the company is earning more.

Things which makes You Login Into Social media


  • Publicity 
  • Rumors of earning from it or Company Big loss
  • My Friends Forced me To Sign Up
  • TimePass
  • You also want to join and experience the Fun
  • You want Likes
  • You want to become Famous
  • some form of Jealousy 
  • You have nothing to do
  • You have no Friends

I too have many social media account in Total I have over 35+ social media account which includes both real and fake.

My first social media account was on Facebook, and as I used it daily then slowly it became a habit then into addiction, coming out of it was impossible at one point of time. Some people do not want to come out of their social media just because they are famous or they may by getting more likes.

I am still on some Social Media account but I am not very active on it, the only reason why I quit Facebook, Instagram and WHATSAPP too!!! was only because too much Time Consuming. 

I am a Website owner right now and wasting time daily means , wasting and destroying your Good habits, I also recommend you to stop using Social Media, Use if you are very addictive but less than 30 minutes ONLY!!


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