Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why I do not like SmartPhones ?

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Some of you guys cannot live without smartphone for a day, but I am not like, as I do own some cellphone which were very addictive, I had Lumia 535 as my first Cellphone then I had a Android One then Lenovo K5 Note and then lastly Iphone 5s

The think which I learn't from having a cell phone in this world is People will buy a cell phone only by it's brand, Selfie, Gaming, or Timepass. All those Cellphone I had was only for Timepass and Rooting purposes
Then I realize that having a cell phone is extremely a bad investment, who are wasting a lot of money in it. If you are going to buy a cell Phone , then Buy a Google andriod Verfied type Cell Phone, which means a cell
phone which will recieve a the andriod update for Years Or Go for Iphone, if you cannot think.
The only reasons why I do not like having or use my own cellphone is because I am irresponsible, I love messing into it, I also love rooting and hacking with it. But for doing all of this I need Money which I can't afford

Even today I have a kind of Quarty type cell phone with no Wifi or 3g because I hate browseing on a small screen as it ruin the interest of some special site which as dedicated only for desktop or laptop

And Also I hate the choice which People Go for while buying a cellphone

If you are going for Andriod Buy a

  • Samsung s8
  • Samsung s7
  • Google Pixel
  • Nexus 6p
  • Motorola G series and also Z series
  • HTC 10 or 11
  • LG 6 or 5
  • or if you even can't decide go for Xiomi redmi note 4 or 5

They above is my suggestion for buying a cell phones

If you are going for Iphone

  • Iphone 6s
  • 6s plus
  • Iphone 7s
  • 7s plus
  • or an Ipod

If even you are not satisfied buy a samsung GURU PLEASE do not waste your money in buying some random or most advertised company phone which just relized this week or month, if your friends as buying a particular phone
do not buy that same phone go for something new as even he went for something. If you are going to buy the exact same phone like him then you are going to lose your reputation or going to blame yourselves
for forcing yourselves to buy that phone

I would go for Samsung s8 or Iphone 7s PLus or Google Pixel or Samsung GURU



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