Friday, 30 June 2017

Why I am Still not satisfied with the Death Note Ending?

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I know that some series cannot be going for ages their must be an end, but Death note was the only best Manga series which I like to watch all the time even today because I have the Cd, but the ending of Death is not up to the mark

and expectation's. Ryuk said something to light Yagami about killing him if something happen, I loved the ending. But I also want some more episode to be added like after the ending they should have showed a details information

what happened to Light Yagami sister, The headquarter, The Old guy in the orphanage, Near (N), Misa amane I know that she died but HOW??. A Part from this light yagami's death could also be like a plan for him as after his death his aim could be
to be the king in the shinigami realms round, he is smart of course so he could just dethrone the king and become the king of a new world, because he said that he was bored of the world he was living in, so he could
control the world while being the king of the shinigamis and for misa amane light could have different plans for it

THESE are my doubts which are still not cleared please comment below

What happened to misa amane and in which episode did she come to know about lights Death?
What Happened to Light Yagami's Sister, Lonely Mother?
What Actually was Ryuks explaination about how he would kill Light?
What happened to the fake L or the headquater's?
Detail information about the guy in the ophanage?
What was L's real name, it was not Ryuzaki?



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