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What is Hacking Actually? Can you become an Hacker?

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People Have a lot of doubt's and misunderstanding on the topic of Hacking from the day one when they hear about it.What is Hacking? Hacking may have a efferent meaning depending on which type of Hacker is it.

First of all Hacker are divided into Mainly 3 Types:-

  • Black Hat Hacker
These are those types of Hacker who are fully committed to themselves to hack other users which will benefit them, they will do anything illegal to gain profit. Many Black Hat Hacker were arrested, but still they are many Hackers out there UNKOWN. These Black Hat Hacker as Extreme Computer Knowledge, where they can break into Computer or internet security for these people Hacking a Mobile is a small Game

  • White Hat Hacker
Extremely Opposite to Black Hat Hacker, White Hack Hacker is like an internet Police, where they try to find hacker's Online right now. White Hat Hacker Basically work for Big Companies to Check their Computer Security Systems by doing this they even Get paid

  • Grey Hat Hacker
These are neither Black Hat or White Hat, They just Crack the Code by mistakely or they still did not find the path to choose whether to be a black hat or a white hacker, but still they violate the computer and internet law and policy, which means hacking is still Illegal for them

Can YOU BE a [email protected] ?

Being an Hacker is not that easy as it sound, Hacking is like a computer form of Mathematics and understanding the fundamentals too. Being an hacker you need to have a very fast Typing and corrective speed, you cannot be called as a Hacker if you are having a speed of less than 40 WPM, You also need to know each part, each software, each basic thing about a computer.

If you want to be an Hacker of a specific software or Company, then you need only practice


This is true that if you are an White Hacker and you are working for an Company then you will be Paid for working under them and finding and fighting other hacker for the company, especially Bank Companies, who need to protect their Online system and Transactions


If you are High School Passed or Collage Passed and If you want to be an Hacker without any Basic knowledge of Coding and Fast Typing then you have 80 % chances of not Being an Hacker. Even if you become then you won't be successful as this this definitely need Practice. 

And YES if you are learning Hacking to become an White hat Hacker in your MIND then it is absolutely Legal  



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