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What I would do If I was the Prime Minister Of India ?

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I always wanted to be a prime minster of India only for once , as always I want to have a change within my Mother Country India, Indian is land of gold's and Jewels also known as "Sone ki chidiyay". In the recent times we are seeing some improvement in India but it is working very slowly. Here are some of My advice which I collected from People and Myself which would Help India Drastically in all fields like Educational, Financial, Technological,etc.

If you are a celebrities or a Public Figure you would understand the Pain of a common Man, even if you become popular from being a Common Man you will Forgot all your pains and difficulties when you were

I actually want this message to be send to the Prime Minister of India to Make Major Changes in India because I think he has that potential.


  • Wifi in every Locality or Public Places with some charges (very LOW )
  • All Electrical wires should be made underground to avoid deaths and untidy Country Look
  • Remove all those third Parties Mobile Networks and make Only two Official Mobile Network  from the Indian Goverment
  • Only One Internet Service Provider thought out India From the Indian Government
  • Only One Television Service Provider from the Indian Goverment
  • Special Electronic Cycle Rent System in Indian Roads Just like in LONDON
  • Google Cars certified in India
  • Indian Government Should start making their own Mobile, Tablets, Laptop, Router, Cars, Cycle, Motorbikes.

  • Low taxes
  • More Job Facilities
  • Remove all those engines train which cause pollution and only Bullet Trains
  • Smart Buses (Replace all those RTC buses)
  • Change the Uniform and the Look of cars of the Police with Red or Yellow
  • Special Roads system, with footpath and dustbins every end of the foot path Corner
  •  Zebra Crossing is a must
  •  Increase the Charges a fines and make this strict to make people more decipline
  • Removable of autos with cabs, allow Uber to do this job ( increase job facilities)
  •  Removable of all those Tobacco, Cigarettes ( this actually increases the earning but along with that this also increase death and decrease reputation of INDIA
  • Trying to bring back the title of Sone ki chidiya   
  • Offical Indian Goverment School, college , Engineering, and other Educational facilites
  • Police Office's in every Locality's for more protection
  • Double all those Charges and fines to increase more awarness and discipline
  •  Direct Jail or Death of 3 months or more for Crime, Murder, Rape, Kidnap, Blackmail, Robbery (even Small) Homicide, Assault, Theft.
  •  Make the Police Number, Ambulance, and other emergency facilities 24/7 and easier to contact, redirect the call depending on the localities
  • 24/7 Water Supply to avoid water scarcity or at least every day Supply of water
  • The Things which I hate being in india is electricity as their is 100% once in every week or month 3-5 hours power Cut, Please Avoid this.
  • Trying to make 1 $ = Rs 1
  • Cheap Parks in every Localities or area. (this can help alot)

Apart from those These are also some ways were India can Improve by taking Help from the citizen

Making a Official website from the Government, where only an Indian with the Adhara Card as his Identity to Login into the website.And that particular person can posts Complain's to the Board and in return He gets paid via Paypal or Paytm or Mobile Payment

For Example- A group of People say that a particular place is full of Garbage, those people took a photo of that particular place and also the photo of the people who are throwing making that area dirty and then they cleaned that area completely and again took a Photo and uploaded it to the Website, Where the Government see's it and awards those group of People and fine that guy was making the area Dirty and take some particular actions .

The above are some thing which I would do If I was the prime minister, the above method can help both financially and technologically and Indian Can also live happily without any taxes

This is not any Offence or any Order to the Indian Goverment this is only those ways by which Indian and the Government Could live in peace and harmoney

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