Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What A Blogger needs to learn from the The Rabbit and the Turtle Story

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If you are a Successful Blogger then you are now starting to live a Happy Life after you got what you deserve, but being a successful blogger is actually easy at the end but difficult in the beginning. Many popular blogger's are not actually posting regularly, like before because they have got all the back links, SEO, Communities and support which means that they have all got a kind of backbone to themselves.
Even if they are losing something they can get it back easily.

But here is the chance to all those beginner or New blogger who can take advantage of this and drive traffic to your site. Their are many trending news, keywords and niche which a new Blogger can use to their advantage as the professional blogger who are successful right now are not noticing it.

In today world Achieving some thing is now competitive, as you need to fight for it or Win for it

What ever you want to achieve you need to do Hard work and not depend on other, then you become fully depended and you will be having a lot of unfinished works because HARDWORK Always Pays Off to both successful and New Blogger

MORAL- You still have a chance, Never Quit because if you are going to quit right now. The position in which you are standing right now will be lost Completely and coming back to that same position will be impossible or Double hardwork.

Lastly I want to Say that

  • Make use of the keywords like Insurance, car ,etc
  • Post regularly
  • Stick to a particular Niche
  • Do not Jump from one niche and making some other niche
  • Make quality posts and also Quantity post
  • Make Like 5 posts and a day then 4 posts and then slowly when you are progressing 1 posts
  • definitely  make 2 posts a week
  • Make use of the trends to your advantage, who knows that your post may also be a trend in some other country



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