Friday, 2 June 2017

Things a Blogger Should Always Remember

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Being a blogger is not an easy task, a blogger has a long list of what to do and what not to do. There are many things which a blogger needs to keep in mind while he / she is blogging

Here are some main points if you are new to blogging and want to join like the pro blogger

  • Patience
Every blogger in the beginning feels like the are not going to achieve anything. A new blogger has a lot of expectation in the beginning because they are inspired by the rumor and by the pro blogger.
For example - In the beginning getting your adsense account approved for website is your main priority and also it is the first task in order to earn. But many people fail in this because the do not know the patience and even if they get approved the earn very little because the adsense is starting to learn their site

  • Update your Blog
You must not only post content but also look at what your content looks like to other people, if the audience finds an error fix and update your blog regularly , By updating your blog , I do not mean change you Template.

  • Spread post Via Social Network
Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some huge social networking sites which can helpyou to popularize your posts and also gain audience + Traffic
And also don't just use social media for Promotion as it may drive your traffic away

  • Never Copy Paste
Do not even think about coping and pasting other content , Just block CTRL + C while you are blogging, because even if you copy content, And in the next google update if they detect that you  have copied a content then chances are you site is going to get banned
I have seen in many new Blogger sites that they just copy content from other sites, but at the end, these sites are never going to get any traffic or earning



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