Wednesday, 7 June 2017

School Life Vs Collage Life

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If you are still at School you will not understand what I am saying because this thinking comes to your brain when you are finally done with school, and just wrote your last exams.
I still remember School, some times every morning I feel like I am waking up to go to school and getting ready for the school uniforms, but actually not, physically you can go to school and sit there. But mentally it will be in your mind forever and you will never forget it.

This will be different for some people.

School Life

 You wake up for school every morning waiting for the bus to come near your house
 You have an assembly every morning with the same prayer or pledge
 You forgot to do Homework, you copy in 5 minutes
 You enjoy when their is a free Period
 You enjoy 2 hours (includes Breaks)  in school and the rest in studies
 You got no responsibilities, as you are still learning it
 3 months or something 4 months Holidays
 every Festival Holidays
 Main exams will be announced and exams will be after months
 You can do whatever you want to do.
 You can even misbehave
 It doesn't  matter even if you get less marks in school, all matter in collage.
 In school you will have friends as they are with your for years
 You can sit with a boy or a girl
 Even if you are alone, their will be someone to Talk to you

PLEASE enjoy your School days, ask you teacher about it

zindagi na milegi dobara

Collage Life

You need to wake up early to study and also to get the bus
 You wont be having any assembly (depends on the Collage)
 Their is NO free period
 You need to do Homework on the same day or within the next day
 No holidays, expect Major Festivals and Sunday, and even a holidays is given , then a lot of Homeworks
 You cannot do anything you want to, STRAIGHT SUSPEND LETTER
 You misbehave Suspended
You Talk Suspended
You laugh Suspended
You forgot to do homework Suspended
You are absent Suspended
You are howling in class Suspended
You are having fun in class Suspended
You are not discipline Suspended
You are idle Suspended
You get less marks no seat for promotions
You have a special batch where boys separate and girls separate
Your classes will change depending on your revision test performance
Daily message to your parents phone on your sons activity Today


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