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My Thoughts About Time Travelling IS REAL

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Lets start from the beginning and from the Basic of what is Time Travelling? It is however self-explainatory by the words it self and is also one of the most famous words and still in researching projects, But if you do not know about it then, the chances are you are from another Time Period

First the Introduction and then My theories why could be Possible

Time Travelling

Basically what Time Travelling is it is an entire different Concept which claims a persona or a material or things can go back and forward and travel in TIME. Basically Enjoying every Single moment in the Past Present and the Future, But People still say that this is FAKE or Not Real, But we actually do not know whether is Still Real or Fake.
Because if it is still real, and scientist are still using it right now, why would this be in the hands of the Public.

One way to achieve time travel into the future would be travelling at the speed of light in space, as first  explained by Albert Einstein.The accepted theory is that one would have to build a space ship that can travel at the speed of light, and head out into space. Theoretical physicist and string theorist Brian Greene, of Columbia University, said: “You can build a spaceship, go out into space [and travel] near the speed of light, turn around and come back.

There are many evidence which say's that Time traveler were caught on TAPE, after watching all of them I found out that only 16 to 17 of those videos were real and the rest 100+ were FAKE or Edit or Re uploaded for Compilation and views.

Disclaimer- These are just theories of My coming from my thoughts, So please don't Sue ME
So these are my theories why Time Travelling is real?

Theory 1

Of course their are many Photos and Videos for Proof for time Travelling, and also Movies Made About it. I think That Time Travelling Gadget and Devices do exist but is not revealed to the Public Yet, Of course if it goes in the Bad hands, THEN END OF THE WORLD.
And Of course the Government knows about it ( the government knows not the president or the Prime Minster and entire different Hidden Government) But the just Do not want to speak about it.

Theory 2

UFO's are Time Travelling Machine, What my bro Albert Einstein said" that their would be a Future Gadgets or Machine for time travelling which would be at the speed of Light" . So what UFO sighting which we are seeing right now are actually Time machine, because their are actually people in IT. Obviously UFO has 100 times better Tech that us both in Military and Technology, So when a UFO visit a Earth, why does it all the time, just see's the people and then disappear int he Thin air, that would be because inside the UFO, their is a Human not an alien and that Human is Time Travelling And this would be a separate TOPIC is please see our site daily for more info

Theory 3

I really think that the People who make these predictions are time Travelers because the some how make the accurate predictions which are impossible to accept. When these people make predictions we laugh at them, but when they really happened, we are really shocked. Especially the 9/11 predictions, their are many conspiracy theories about it. If the 9/11 did not happened then we all would be having a HAPPY LIFE right now

UPCOMING- Mandela Effects

And lastly I want to clear my Doubts so please comment BELOW

Why the Government does not talk about these Time Traveler or UFO time machines
And also
Why is the Simpsons Shows not stopped or banned, because the show their are so many predictions and accidents which really happened, I mean " I really Like it, But why is govt not doing any thing"


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