Friday, 9 June 2017

My College Routine ( Online Colleges)

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This is my Routine During collage, right now I am pursing MPC IIT which is kinda difficult with that having fun + Time + Study will create a headache, so I decided to schedule some things to make some things
easy for me, I have already made some post schedule for the future, so that if I miss a day then that will cover up that particular day, I am a blogger as you guys know that, and stopping to make posts
will create problem in the future as I am a computer Lover and a professional typer with a speed of more than 65 WPM (depends).

(click on these links if you see degrees.snhu.edu  online.aiuschools.com  Phoenix.edu  ) Need to see the stats

So this is my Routine During Collage

I wake up at 5:45 to 6:00, as usual I need to drink tea immediately when I wake up, then I go to the Washroom and stuff like that Brushing, Bathing, Face Washing,etc
and then I have arrange My notebooks as per the periods, and also need to check whether have I forgot anythings or not.
I get ready and then Breakfast and finally wait for my Cab to Collage.

In Collage we all have different situations and behaviors, My behaviors is being silent and listening to both interesting and boring lectures and also having fun during Free Periods and Breaks

When I return HOME, after facing a war during lectures, I immediately check my Website and how is it doing and just immediately make a post ready for tomorrow which I always think during My Journey to Collage and During the

Then I take a shower, till 6:30 Computer then Finally studying and if I have any time left I will be Doing computer or just sleep because I need to be fresh during classes, all these Holidays I used to be awake
for hours. Then the same thing everyday

The things which I do not look at is FASHION or STYLE, as I am always Lazy at somethings and I can't help it

Comment Down Below What I can Do and Make more from my Time

These are the time-line

6:00- 7:30 Getting ready (Compulsory can't change)
8:30 - 4:30 Collage ( I can do something here at free Periods)
4:46 - 5:45 (Fun Time )
5:45 - some random (time Study)
and then sleep



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