Saturday, 17 June 2017

My Blogging Routine During Holidays - Before Collage

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Surely everybody has their own routine, not everybody is a blogger, but everybody has that one routine which their body follow's every singly day. But my routine is quite different, I myself wonder how I am surviving with this special routine which my body has accepted.

Please Read this before you Want to know how this all has happened-

October 2013

This was the day when I was introduced to blogging I did not know how just by expressing your feeling just by typing on the keyboard can change you life, But at that time I did not know any thing about Copyrights, Which basically means I made posts which I already knew and I just copied it from someone else

This was the site- hackeronlineeveryday.blogspot.in , Now I am not using it anymore

After months of just copying I got a message from adsense saying Your account is a banned, it is self explanatory why it was banned because I was copying content

in March 2017

I again got a message that my adsense ads are live on this site then My routine just changed completely  ( not actually)

I have a very strong memories of what I do in my daily life And I cannot forget about it.

It was like This

6:00 AM - Exactly at this time I wake up , My computer would be already be switched on because I scheduled it to switched on automatically with a software at 5:45 AM. 

This is my worst habit since ages , That when I wake up I do not actually go to the washroom instead I go for the Computer to check how my site is doing and what does my audience want, by that way I will have a lot of time to think to publish the post about, Then after getting fresh I make like 6-7 posts then scheduled it but some will be up to date and some which are common are scheduled

Basically  My life  on holidays was

Wake up, see the stats , then breakfast, posting, Poop, posting, watching some videos and site, SLEEP



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