Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Life before and after Internet. What if internet Was Dead

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Sometimes we may think that what was the life before internet got it's trend and now what is the life we are living in right now.
The next generation kids born after 2008 will find it difficult to survive without internet.

Before Internet

  • More social activities
  • People used to be more energetic 
  • People use to use their Brain and be smart and Clever
  • More Creative
  • Humanity used to be every where
  • In some society their was nothing called poor or rich
  • Right balance in Indoor and outdoor games

After Internet

  • I am 100 % sure that you still do not know anything about your relative's
  • You are very greedy
  • You are just wasting Time and money
  • You are not creative as you are searching the internet more your project or anything else
  • You are more lazier than before
  • Chances are you are losing your intelligence
  • Only Indoor Games

OBESITY Is your favorite city as you are sitting in one place

If internet is dead or their is some form of apocalypse however people will find other ways to make internet online as no business company or Jobs will be Online in this world. But If Internet was Dead then it will effect

  • Business as they cannot advertise and get more audience like 1 billion impressions
  • No jobs Promotion online
  • No awareness of somethings
  • It will take students more time to collect information



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