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How to Survive School? Personal Experience

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We all have this feeling at least once where we just want to quit school, but trust me at the end of your last year at school you are going to miss them all, If you are a student who is always shifting schools or just quit's school in the middle then you are going to miss the most important days of your life which are not going to came back. But for some school days are a torture, in which they follow the same routine but some times skip some things which create more problem's to them.

Student under the age 16 years old as no choice but to finish school, but if you want to survive school, surviving all those exams, punishment, bunking, Making Friends and all those stuff then this article is for you.

In the beginning of the school, the first thing you need to look at is to find friends or make some friends because if you fail to do so, then in your entire life, you are going to be lonely, also be careful in making friends, and also the only way to survive school is by making friends, Studying Daily and also Time pass

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How to Make Friends?

Making friends is not a big deals but sometimes is may be difficult, in these some situation you need to find your own way. Remember One Thing, You came in this world Alone and you are going to be Leaving Alone (Except if you where twins.)

TO MAKE FRIENDS, first you need to show what you are good at, Your talent or skills or anythings, Or try to bring some Toys or Games, which can grab more attention towards you (this trick always Work)

Also be careful about yourself when making friends, just don't make friends by looking at their personality, you need to see the person's nature, Behaviors, Discipline.

Making friends at Kinder-Garden is Easy as it happen's automatically.
If you are still failing to make friends, then try harder in the first week it self otherwise you are going to be very alone, to pass the entire year's alone by yourself. Making Fun of yourself can also help you to make friends

How to Survive Boring Periods During Classes ?

The Only way to survive these types of periods is to be already prepared about the topic which the teacher is teaching and then sleep in the class because you are already prepared of the topic which the teacher is teaching
Just wait till the bell ring
Do some other Subjects or Homework

Cannot say more than that as more methods are not yet DISCOVERED!! :)

What to Do when you did not do a Home Work?

This thought will only come when you are in the school or Collage, if you come to the school early then try to finish it all before the actually class
Hire Someone to Finish it
Find out whether the teacher is absent or present then you will be having more time
Do not do the Homework as most teacher will forget about it or will ask tomorrow for it
Ask the entire class whether they have done it or not , then you will have more supporters

How to Be Intelligent In the Class?

Learn an entire Chapter Before the actual class starts (personal Experience) because if you are going to start 2 days after the classes then it would be difficult for you to be with the race, as teacher will only try to complete the portion, if possible the can finish within a day, so Please be Active and learn minimum 2 lessons before the actual classes and then this will become a hobby. And also do not be a Daily present Guy, as being present all years will not gain you anything you need only 80 % attendance to Pass, which means you can be absent for minimum 2 months every year.
Study Daily

How to Be Famous In School?

If you are already Popular outside school, on the internet or  Youtube then you can Famous Easily, If you are a nice guy, or A studying nerd then being famous will be easy.
The best Way to be Famous is to be a Comedian of the Class, Or the Leader of the Class

How to Pass Exams or Tests?

Passing Exams is actually easily, but if you did not study anything then all you could do is  Be absent or Copy from Other, Paper notes (CHITS)

Surely, the teacher will say this thing all the time- "If you are cheating then you are only cheating your self" but actually if you did not study anything, then getting  a "A+" or "B+" is far better than Getting a "E" or and "F".
Do these cheating is some cases and circumstances only not always, as you will be more into cheating then you will become a PRO.

By cheating you are at least learning to Pass the Test, even if you have not studied and their is NO person or friend in this World who has not Cheated in Exams or Test. Even the Teacher of that particular subjects CHEATED!!!

Cheating Method  (just saying using chits is the worst idea, leave this ideas to other)

Write the answers already on the desk or table
If you have a Lite Sir then ask him whether or not to cheat (* seriously ASK)
Write the answer's in the body,  Bottle or pen or Eraser
Make Plan when their is an objective test


Getting Punishment is Good For you, if the punishment is with friends, then it would be more FUN and also that punishment would automatically be more FUN. Some times if you are getting punishment then you can also BUNK that particular Class.


Lastly I would Like to say some few things

If the teacher is more friendly then do not make fun of him during classes as that particular teacher can help you.
If you are a CBSE Student and the entire year you some how managed to get a B and A then you can easily score more than 7.5 even if you fail in one particular subject, But it all come to your performance in FINAL Exams
If you have a doubts in class, clear their itself as during exams, who knows that thing could be a question

Lastly Enjoy your Both Collage and School Life as it would be coming again, if you are reborn then the situation may be different


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