Saturday, 3 June 2017

How to make the title tab animated

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This trick can be useful for some people for making the title tab of a site animated, which basically means that if your site has a long title and you want to make that title animated to show the entire text this can be usefull

  •  Just copy this below text and paste it just above <body>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==  &quot;index&quot;'><script>var title=&quot;  <data:blog.pageTitle/> &quot;;var speed=100;var  mpse=null;function  rotulo_title(){document.title=title;title=title.substring(1,title.length)+title.charAt(0);mpse=setTimeout(&quot;rotulo_title()&quot;,speed)}rotulo_title();</script>  <b:else/><script>var title=&quot;  <data:blog.pageName/> &quot;;var speed=100;var  mpse=null;function  rotulo_title(){document.title=title;title=title.substring(1,title.length)+title.charAt(0);mpse=setTimeout(&quot;rotulo_title()&quot;,speed)}rotulo_title();</script></b:if>

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