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How I got Matched Content Ads In my Website ?

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I feel very Lucky when I got Matched Content Ads in my website, as I always wanted to have something like this, Getting this ad unit from adsense is actually very hard, and only few people can qualify to have this ad unit system in their website.
The reasons why Adsense Just do not give this ads unit to all publishers is because they want to all their user's are verified and are serious of Adsense, some times if you do not any invaild click or their is potential in your site adsense provides this ad unit

Now I will tell you How I got this Ad Unit

Basically I made a lot of posts, about 3 posts a day, without any copy pasting, and also all those posts had more than 350 + words in it. And Also I got a lot of traffic from it.
I used from the beginning only 4 ads units placements and also updated my site and posts regularly
I was active this 3 months
I was posting regularly on time except Sunday's sometimes

How to Check If you are eligible of this ad units

In your adsense dashboard click on sites, then you will see a special tab which is called Matched Content which means that a particular site is eligible of matched content ads, the ad code cannot be used on all sites

How to add a Matched Content Ad

Just do as normally you would for creating an ad, but when you click on new ad unit tab, you will be redirect to a new page where you can choose either noraml ad unit or native ad unit which is matched content ads, This new UI kinda tells us that their is more ads units yet to come or still in developing stage


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