Monday, 26 June 2017

Desktop vs Laptop for gamer

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Being a gamer something making a decision in buying a desktop or laptop for gaming can be a difficult choice.
I have been a desktop user and a Gaming lover for more than 7 years and I know what It feels like to game on desktop or Laptop because I have the experience of it.
I am going to say to the point that having a gaming desktop is more better than Laptop at the same Price, if you can afford more than Rs 70,000 on a laptop then go for it because at that same price you can
get 3 times better performance, but also on the other hand you can GAME on the go as it is portable

In this both have Some pros and cons so let me explain it to the point

Laptop over Desktop

  • Laptop are Portable which means you can game any where even on the street
  • By Portable I mean Webcam any where, Microphone no need for head set, Speaker integrated, CD drive Integrated
  • If you have the best Laptop then you can also play the latest Demanding games at more than 40 FPS 1080P
  • If you are not a gamer like me then Laptop is the best choice for you

Desktop over Laptop

  • Desktop is far better than Laptop even though it is not portable but you can play the best Titled games at best performace
  • You can customize or upgrade your Desktop when ever you need to
  • YOu you also try it even make it portable
  • More accessories and addon
  • Make a small gaming setup or an ultimate gaming setup
  • You have a permanent seat and place to game instead of finding a right or free space in your home
  • No tension for Battery or anythings like that
  • Always can upgrade Harddisk or GPU oR CPU



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