Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Console Gamer vs Pc Gamer

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This is an in depth review and answer after my experience with both console gaming and Pc Gaming, both have their own advantages and disadvantages with different points of view.

First lets me tell you about PC gaming

  • You PC Can do anything, Multitasking, Gaming, Editing, Performance,ETC
  • Can play Pirated Games if you cannot afford them
  • Supports both Controller and MOUSE and keyboard
  • You can setup a multi Monitors For you Gaming Setup
  • You can build your own Gaming Beast Setup at just Rs 70,00 or $700
  • Lastly with the same Price of Console You can build an insane gaming PC
  • You can play any games with mods and Emulator, Can play both console and Handheld games on PC
  • You get used to Keyboard and mouse and can become a Pro at it
  • Most Pc gamer are Fast typer with more than 50WPM speed on average
  • Up gradable to another Level

Console Gaming

  • You are living a Premium Life, By Buying Games, This cost you More money than the Actually Console
  • Small controller with amazing Features and shortcuts
  • Power On Console and within 1 Minute you are into Gaming, No more waiting for Game to Load
  • Some Console Support Voice Recognition which help you to control your console with your voice without any remote
  • Console with the entire setup can cost you Rs 60,00 or $600 but the price keeps on increasing when you are buying more games
  • Console are only used for gaming and Entertainment    
  • NOn up gradable and you need to buy another console when ever it is out


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