Thursday, 15 June 2017

Blackberry to monitor whatsapp chat joins VoxSmart

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We all know whatsapp, the famous messaging app which uses encryption (the process of converting information or data into a code  to prevent unauthorized access) to protect the information so that no one can we watch and  read what we are sending ,which is in fact is a good thing but miss usage can be occurred also. Blackberry The Canadian company, which has stopped making handsets and now focuses on security and productivity tools for smartphones has now partnered with VoxSmart a leading mobile surveillance and compliance firm to help monitor employees of banks (financial service firms) to keep the office data safe and protected. Some banks including Deutsche Bank have already banned the use of WhatsApp   because of its encryption. Now both companies  have made a new technology to take a record of the contents of the message before it is encrypted and sent through whatsapp in this way banks can view every data their employees are sending .The software works across all phones not just the small number of BlackBerry handsets and also wearables ,tablets. VoxSmart says that it can monitor whatsapp as well as weChat  as far as we known VoxSmart is the only solution that can capture, record and analyze voice and third party message apps like whatsapp.
This partnership of blackberry and VoxSmart will help financial services firms to comply with European Union’s MiFID II- Markets in Financial Instruments Directive Framework, according to this all financial service firms in Europe must keep records of all services and transactions for last 5 years which includes Emails, instant message communications and other data through this Act European financial markets will become more transparent and investor-friendly. It must be noted that blackberry is making its foothold in information security sector even though it lost its market in smartphones because of the arrival of affordable android smartphones.


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