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Why you need to Protect your Active Adsense Account With ads

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Why you need to Protect your Active Adsense Account With ads

Getting an Adsense account is not that easy, it takes a lot of time and effort, getting Adsense with Youtube is easy but having an active adsense account with live ads on websites is very difficult. If you have an adsense account then be proud of it because in recent times many Pro blogger have lost their adsense account but they can still manages without it. But if you are a beginner to adsense then protect it from Invalid Click

To know where your invalid  click are  coming from

Even though adsense has a special system were it automatically reduce your income if their is any sign of invalid click. But still if you want to protect it then follow these steps

  1. Login to adsense
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Click on Overview this month and selec the Today dats
  4. Now click on countires from the left sidebar
  5. and check if you are having more clicks more a countries but low CPC then that means the Your website could be in adsense ads danger

What you can Do?

  • Private Or block your site from that country
  • Try to detect the user Server Ip address (very easy to do) and block him to enter your site


  • I lost my Adsense Account due to invalid activity on my account, what to do ?
When Google takes adsense away then they always mentions the reason behind it, so you need to ensure that it will not happen again in future and after that you can fill Appeal form provided by the Google to claim your Adsense account back, but don’t go for appeal form in hurry first of all you must take care of point they mentioned in their mail.
  • I filled Appeal form, will I get Adsense back ?
Well nobody can say Yes for this question, it’s all depend on Google, if they realize that you have done good business with them in previous time then there are some hope you will get your Adsense back, but not sure for anyone.
  • I filled Appeal form but no reply, what to do ?
You cannot do anything for this, all we can do is that we can fill Appeal form then Google will reply you back after taking their time, sometimes they takes 2-3 days for reply back.
  • When I applied for Adsense back by `Appeal form` they rejected again, now what.
This is sad but ! even after they refused to give your adsense back to you, if you work on your blog continously for some months and you write valuable and original content then there are chances to have Adsense again on your blog, one of my friend have experienced it.
  • Even after many try Google isn’t giving me Adsense back, now what to do ?
In this on of the annoying situation which I have faced too you have some other ways to get income from your blog for that you can
If you don’t wanna go for it then you can think of another idea which is, you make another blog then apply for Adsense for that new blog and when you get Adsense for it you can use that Adsense account Ads on your both blogs the new one and old too.


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