Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why is your Adsense Account Still Not Approved ?

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I am sorry to say this because I have my Adsense Account Approved but some of you guys still do not have your adsense account approval. I also had the same pain and anger when you do not get your adsense account approved

I have a lot of a comments about this saying that Some of you guys have 200 posts - 400 posts , Websites Fully optimized. It is not about how many posts you make, Because it is not about quantity it is about quality of your posts which you are making.

I also got rejected from my adsense account once and Truely speaking this is my second adsense account

The reasons why my adsense account was disproved  was because

  • The content which I create was not unique
  • I did not have any Privacy Policy page or any Disclaimer Page
  • My site was not 7 Months Old
  • Copied Content
  • I ask my friends to click on the adsense after approval
And when I got rejected from that day I decided not to copy any content, I do take some ideas or what is trending or ask my friend what should I make the posts about. But I do not copy any content all the post created in this website is legitimately created by me 

And also I got the Mail about my ad sense ads are live after 7 Months 

From that day my ad sense revenue and also started to increase

THE CONCLUSION-  Your adsense is still not approved because Quality, Patience, Daily Posts

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