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Why Blogging and Other Hobbies is tough in India as a Career? (FAMILY)

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Why Blogging is tough in India as a Career?


Blogging a media platform is grown remarkable in the last 5 years, no one thought this website can convert your hobby and talent into a living. But being an Indian, we find being a blogger as a difficult task because of many common problems we face. This post will be understandable to any Indian, it is not for outside countries, but still you can understand our feelings

As an Indian, we are forced to study and study, and when it comes to choosing a path for our career, we choose a path which we like, but in this case we can't choose our career because it is our parents choice to choose our career, which will be an Engineer or Doctor (Boy= Engineer) (Girl=Doctor) or sometimes those jobs which are trending in the family just to compare ourselves with others
If we say that we want to become a Writer or blogger or footballer or cricket. Our parents create a big emotional arguments and some times if it goes violent they start beating us. This is the place where our Indian Governments SUCKS, There should be a law about this

  • Every Hobby and interest is can be converted into earning which they will never understand 
  • Many Movies are also made but this will never change until 2030

The reasons why Blogging and other Hobbies are not giving Importance in India

In India we follow this rule-

Study =>
Earn =>
Marriage =>
Family =>
Death =>

In this rule only few find happiness in it and the rest are living just for the sack of living because of parents pressurizing them

  • Family Pressure
Family wants us to work in companies like Google, Microsoft, or just become a doctor or engineer, 
For a child it's his choice to choose what he wants to become

  • School Pressure on students
In this I am not saying that study is a pressure but there is a lot of homework's given which means there is no time for playing or creativity, because in school they want us to use creativity which they say (THIS DOESN't make any sense )

  • Awareness about this career need to be open
Awareness is a big factor in Indian, a lot of time i feel helpless when I can tell Other that you can make a living out of this.



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