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Top monetization Program For Website

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I have always try to find  the best monetization program available for me to earn money online with my blog. I know, we have tons of choices but in this article, I am going to explain to you everything you need to know about the best monetization program that will make earn you some money at least.

What is Website Monetization?

What is blog monetization? In simple words, monetization is an action where one can actually make money out of his or her blog site. If you are going deep into blogging business, monetization is one of the most important factor in order for you to finance your passion such as paying for hosting and domain rental. If you are using a free hosting site such as blogger, then you may well consider that as a side income generator! Without much waiting, let's head over to the count down for the top monetization programs available for bloggers.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best monetization program ever. There is no other program that pays more than Google Adsense...hands down. I personally have been with Adsense for close to 4 years now and all you got to do is to select the right code for the advertisement to show. As Google Adsense works with Pay Per Click (PPC), you will only earn your hard earn advertising income whenever there is a click on the advertisement. The revenue gain per click ranged from USD $0.01 to USD $1.50 (the highest I got).

  • Infolinks

I love Infolinks since day one. It could probably be the lovely blue colour. Okay back to topic and enough of dreaming. I always consider Infolinks as one of the best In-text advertising programs available when it comes to monetizing a site. If you move your cursor to the keyword, a small pop up will appear illustrating an advertisement. Pretty cool huh? So, you get a small bit of revenue for every click you get on the advertisement. From my experience with Infolinks, I usually get about USD $0.01 to $0.10 per click.

  • Kontera

Kontera is a close competitor to Infolinks and it really does look very professional honestly speaking. Alike Infolinks, Kontera keywords are in green colour and does seem more professional compared to Infolinks. Nonetheless, Kontera is definitely great but for some reason, my earnings at Kontera could never beat the one at Infolinks no matter how hard I try. Another reason for me to avoid Kontera is Nuffnang are not really that in-line with Kontera.


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