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Things to do before Joining a Google Adsense

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Adsense is a big Ad network it does not simply approve your application easily , if you do not meet with the requirement they want as google Adsense is CPC advertising service by Google. That allow a publisher to puts advertise into their Website/Blog. Applying for google Adsense is not a hard process.

There are not any secret through you can applying for google AdSense and getting approval. Lots of people search about google Adsense tips and secret at that time they are waste their times I myself wasted a lot of time and realized this after words. Better than wasting time apply some guidelines on blogs through that you can easily get google Adsense account.

You may see that some .blogspot.com or other site got approved from adsense without these guidelines because at the time they send their approval they did not have these policy but now adsense is changed completely

Why People Go for Adsense

Best ad network For CPC,CPM,RPM
Google payments are always reliable
Dont worry for Ads quality
Best ads

Things to do before Applying

People do not go with these steps and just want to waste their first approval with a rejection, if you follow this steps then you will 100 % get your site approved

Please make your own content in the first 40 posts please!! do not expect that you are going to get approved straight away after copying so many content and do it with perfectionist, think that you are earning fountain and making this post

Design and navigation
Just having content will not get you approved, as you need your website design to be finished completed, there should be no pages which says still in construction and also DO NOT OVER DESIGN IT


Remove other ad Network
When you are sending an approval to adsense please do not have any other ads live of other ad network. Adsense says it is the best network, so give it a go and give it full priority, Apart from affiliate

Paid Traffic
If you have site which got rejected after following the guide less and you still got rejected then that means your site may have a paid traffic

Custom Domain
 Custom domain makes your site more professional, and sometimes it increases the chances of getting the approval quickly

Quality Post also you need no traffic
Quality posts of 40 - 50 posts with full dedication and hardwork can help you get traffic automatically, Adsense will accept your approval even if you are having 10 or 100 page views, The aim of the game is to create quality and quantity and not to get fake traffic



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