Sunday, 28 May 2017

Things I want Adsense To Have and Not to Have

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Adsense which is one of the most popular ad Network for both Publisher and Advertiser, Every Blogger and publisher is using adsense for years now and the markets is steadily increasing because of adsense. Adsense has many special system which detect whether to show a particular ads or not. But I still find many problems and features Missing in adsense I would like adsense to have in the future update.

Here I am saying only for Desktop User, Because I know that on mobile adsense needs to have a big update to show all the performance and to fix all the lags, So I want adsense to fix that then This. Because A lot of user get their adsense earning on mobile-end users

Lets start it steps by steps

  • Dashboard
1   Adsense has this new dashboard which they just added but in this new dashboard their are some thing missing for some people like

2   The last Payout/Payment

  • My ads Sections
This one is very important- needs an update

1.   I do not like the way in which adsense do not allow matched content for every one
Please allow matched content for everyone and also add more features in it just like Taboola and RevContent.

2    New ad units like- Pop under ads, Pop up ads, Sticky ads, Footer ads, Header Ads and also easy to install video ads and lastly Matched Content Ads for every one

3    Need more customization options for Custom search ads option

  • Allow and block ads
In this section there is a missing option in which instead of click them one by one to block them, why not add a option to select how many you want then block them

  • Adding an option to make online Payments Via Adsense

  • Also Need new payment Option Like  Paypal or directly to credit card or debit card

  • Need a new Adsense Donation Button to your account

  • Adsense Referral Program

  • Adsense Affiliate Program

  • Revenue share needs to be 75 % instead of 68 %



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