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The Different Types of Blogger Revealed

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The Different Types of Blogger Revealed

In the this blogging world there are many different types of blogger who blog for different goals, just seeing the website sometimes we can tell which type of blogger is it.

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These are the 8 Different Types of Blogger

  • Business Blogger
Business Blogger are those who just post things related about heir business. These blogger gain more exposure for their business, unlike other blogger their writing is less focused and they focused more towards their business

This Blogger write posts which will attract their customers. Their main purpose is the earn more from their business not from their website

  • Personal Blogger

When blogger first start the first type of blogger were the personal blogger who did not knew what the were writing about, the posted just because it was free. These are those blogger who focus on a particular interest such as hobby or talent
Sometimes the daily Journal

  • Professional Blogger
Professional blogger are those who post just to make earning from it online. In other words Blogging is their career. They use various monetization strategies to achieve goal including display ads, affiliate, etc

Success for these pro Blogger depends on their monetization goals 

  • Affiliate Bloggers
Affiliate Blogger earn more, These blogger instead of creating their own blog the write about blog post that review the products with the affiliate links in it to earn a commission from it .

  • Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger are those who create post in other websites and their main goal is to drive traffic back to their own blog. Guest blogger cover topic that benefit the audience of the site and gain more exposure 
  • Freelance Blogger
Basically means Paid to Blog on your website



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