Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to remove copied content from other's website

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How to remove copied content in website

Have you ever found met with a website which is earning more traffic from a post which is exactly like your and realize that that website Copied your entire content From Title to the ending. Sometimes articles are reposted from your site to other blogs, but finally reasults are based on your Original work

Do you want to know how to deal with these types of situations


CopyScape is a Tools online which help your to find out you is copying your content or are you copying their content. Premium User in Copyscape has the options to send the other user an Email about they delete the content or let the original user claim their content it can also sometime Ban the User's Website

Google Webmaster Tool -DMCA COMPLAINTS

Google also has an integrated software online which send complaints against the site that has stolen your content. It is a bit complex and should be done only if the person is ranking because they are copying your content, If Google finds out that the user has been stealing all your content and misusing your content then his Website and Email Address will be Banned.

Before sending a DMCA complaints take all the screen Shots and get all the information before the user deletes or privates the content.

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